Our companies

In our restaurants a dozen of different nations work together hand in hand without problems – as if they had gone to school together. For all of them speak “Péclard”. The great thing about the United Nations of Péclard is: If someone is in need, the different companies help each other mutually.

Michel Péclard encourages this kind of „family business” by maneuvering all of his managers out of their everyday life once a year. Boss and managers leave for an especially nice place for 10 days. Instead of boring sessions or problem discussions the team members get to know each other in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

During the day all kinds of leisure activities are organized. In the evening the team goes to an exquisite restaurant, which is joyfully analyzed during the meal. „This motivates us more than forcing ourselves through power point charts as usual”, Michel Péclard says about the excursions.