Michel Péclard, born in 1968 in Kilchberg on Lake Zurich, originally wanted to become a banker. His mother thought that this was not the best of all ideas and recommended him an accounting education. The thought of taking up a so-called solid profession was good. But good was not enough for Péclard, not even back then. The dry handling of money was slightly too free from ideas. He noticed that money certainly didn‘t stink, but did not taste that fine, either.

When running a „Spiessli“ (skewer) stall with friends at Zurich’s city festival “Zürifest” in 1994 with great success he acquired a taste for it: Péclard registered at the school of hotel management in Lucerne. He did his internships not only in exquisite 5 star restaurants, but also as the head of accounting / administration of different restaurants. This refined his nose for successful implementation of restaurant ideas.

After graduating with honours he stayed at the school and took over the subject of accounting as a lecturer. Simultaneously he managed the restaurants of Münsterhof and Pumpstation in Zurich together with former pupils of the hotel management school – with success: Michel Péclard is still one of the most popular lecturers at Lucerne hotel management school, no one else gives so much vivacity to the otherwise dry subject of accounting. Some of his graduates end up as employees of the companies of the Pumpstation Gastro GmbH, which whets their appetite for successful and imaginative restaurant business.