NZZ am Bellevue

NZZ am Bellevue, since 2020

From early in the morning to late in the evening, “NZZ am Bellevue” is a new platform for a hybrid 360-degree culinary and event experience. Depending on the programme, “NZZ am Bellevue” is a coffee bar, lunch restaurant, dinner place, open space, private club, event hub, premiere cinema, seminar room, product launch pad or a combination thereof. A place that can always be experienced anew thanks to a wide range of services and a unique visualisation concept. “NZZ am Bellevue” is a collaboration of the NZZ and the Pumpstation Gastro GmbH and is located in the main building of the NZZ.


Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast. Snacks. Sharing plates. A plate all to yourself. Juice diet. Just drinks. Or simply sound & vision. The “NZZ am Bellevue” restaurant has no beginning and no end, it’s different every day, and it’s much more than the sum of its unique aspects.

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday06.00 – 01.00
Thursday to Friday06.00 – 04.00
Saturday08.00 – 04.00
Sunday10.00 – 01.00


Restaurant seats100